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Plus, the Luxome secures to the duvet cover more securely with an extra tie on each side and a sturdy zipper instead of buttons. The Layla weighted blanket has limited size and weight options, but the blanket makes up for that with a well-made, luxurious-feeling product. The “best” weighted blanket is a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking for a fluffy blanket to keep you warm, this isn’t it. We reached out to the company, which said that on the off chance this happens (with normal use), it’s covered by a lifetime warranty and eligible for a replacement at no cost. Sommerfly said it ships these blankets to various medical institutions, including OTA The Koomar Center, where occupational therapist Teresa May-Benson works. The best weighted blankets for adults with anxiety, $200 – $300. You have 30 days to return the Sommerfly if you don’t like it. The exact opposite happened when I tried to go to sleep: my heart beat faster than it should before bed and I couldn't get comfortable and fall asleep, no matter how hard I tried. Regardless of price, regardless of color, the only real question that seems to matter is how you see a weighted blanket fitting into your idea of comfort. I took pictures of the stitching and zippers, and consulted with Jackie Reeve, the senior staff writer on our bed and bath beat, about the workmanship of the blankets that were most favored. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Baloo's 15-pound comforter is like the Parachute of weighted blankets. You can add polyfil for a fluffier comforter or skip it for a flatter, more quilt-like blanket -- though, ironically, that option costs more (you're paying for additional labor). Even one tester who liked this blanket best because of the “comforting nice fabric” thought that it was “much too small.” But our long-term tester, who is 5 feet 3 inches, finds that it suits her just right. Luckily for you, there are tons of options available. That noted, SensaCalm's lineup accommodates an unusually high degree of customizability, featuring a wide array of weights, sizes and fabrics -- including a handful of waterproof options, making it ideal for people with sensory issues who may have other health issues going on. I have no idea how people live with or sleep under these things. Joanne Chen is Wirecutter’s senior staff writer reporting on sleep and, on occasion, other lifestyle topics. As a result, blankets meant for adults tip the scales at around 12 to 25 pounds. When neither is available, there’s the weighted blanket—a heavier-than-usual throw or comforter that’s meant to wrap the body in a soothing embrace. It's a great weighted blanket for adults and YnM sells many different machine wash friendly duvet covers that /make it far easier to keep the blanket clean. Photo: Sarah Kobos, More of a throw than a blanket, the 15-pound Bearaby Napper is 2 inches narrower than a twin-size mattress. Weighted Blankets. We tested out many different weighted blankets and because many of them have similar construction and materials, it was hard to find something truly unique about all of them. Finally, Baloo accepts returns within 30 days, even if you’ve used the blanket. These generally cover the top of the bed but don’t drape over it like a regular blanket does. If you’re able to wait one to three weeks for delivery, you can choose from a range of “custom” designs, including polka dots and dinosaurs (but these render the blanket nonrefundable). Then that promise was deleted, STAT News, May 12, 2017, Anxiety and stress weighing heavily at night? The blanket's weight is evenly distributed, which is nice from an "is this made well?" I admit I was skeptical about this … © 2021 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, Luxome Cooling Weighted Blanket (Removable Bamboo), A low-maintenance “quilt”: Baloo Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket, A loosely woven coverlet: Bearaby The Napper, A serviceable budget option: Luna Weighted Blanket, A trusted option for kids: Sommerfly Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket. The blanket is surprisingly thin given its weight and never left me sweaty, but I longed to sleep under my thick, fluffy comforter.  A duvet cover may be just the ticket for achieving the feel l'm looking for when I sleep. If you and your partner don't agree on the temperature, this blanket is best as it has a cover for both hot and cold sleepers. We found Luxome’s customer service inconsistently responsive. When in doubt, ask a pediatrician or an occupational therapist to determine whether a weighted blanket is appropriate for your child. The science on weighted blankets, in particular, is even iffier. Though it makes it hard to pick up and fold neatly sometimes, I do wonder how much of that is due to its weight and not about its open-netting design. The weights didn’t jiggle around, and yet the blanket didn’t feel stiff.” Another tester added that the surface “felt smooth and high-quality.”. “If you think you’re sleeping better with a weighted blanket, even if it’s a placebo effect, then it may be worth it for you.” But you won’t know unless you try one, which is why we focused on brands that allow for a trial period. You’ll also find small weighted blankets meant to wrap around the shoulders, lap blankets that help fidgety children sit still, and even weighted … Of course, it’s not that simple. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Do weighted blankets live up to the hype? To add heft, companies fill their weighted blankets with different materials, but most use plastic pellets or glass microbeads—tiny spheres the size of sand grains. Were it machine-washable, the Gravity would have been a pick. The first time I used the 15-pound Harkla I expected to feel calmer and more relaxed before slipping away to sleep. Which I guess goes to show weighted blankets are an extremely personal thing. For roughly the past three months, our long-term tester has been using the Bearaby both as a lap blanket while working from home and a topper for her duvet at bedtime. Best for: Design lovers, people who run warm, people who have space to air-dry a large (and, yes, heavy) wet blanket. Washing and drying softened the materials slightly but, all in all, we think the feel of the cotton or linen fabrics used in our picks has broader appeal. Or, at the very least, a big fluffy cat on our lap. Wirecutter is reader-supported. Some blankets come with a duvet cover; others have none (or the cover is sold separately). If yours is the latter, make sure you have plenty of space in your home or yard to do this. Batting and added fibers. The cutout at the top helps keep kids’ heads safely uncovered. Many weighted blankets we’ve seen demand that you spot-clean only. It took approximately 10 more hours in our offices for the Bearaby to fully dry. The duvet cover is machine-washable, but the blanket isn’t. That’s why hugs and massages feel so good and why some babies cry less when they’re swaddled. But putting a duvet cover on a weighted blanket isn’t exactly a walk in the park. But it’s pricey, at $130 for a queen cover (though we’ve found it on sale for $116). I had to layer it over another blanket, which made it more prone to slipping off my body. Our favorite comforter is the light and lofty Riley White Goose Down Comforter. It uses organic cotton and has a multi-layer design with batting that makes the blanket feel like a thin comforter. On the plus side, the duvet cover is included, so, overall it’s cheaper than the Baloo blanket, whose (expensive) duvet cover is sold separately. Heaviness varies by blanket. We do like that the SensaCalm is machine-washable and -dryable, and that customer service is responsive. The 2 extra inches seem to make a difference. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. After an assignment forced her to sleep eight hours a day for a month, she realized that she is, in fact, a smarter, nicer person when she isn’t sleep-deprived. Great, give it a shot, the worst thing that could happen is uncomfortably tossing and turning before shipping it back. If your child kicks off the blankets when they sleep or squirms away from bear hugs, then a weighted blanket may not be appealing. Also, Baloo makes its comforter smaller than average to avoid slippage, but, at that size, it's not shareable between two people. Our long-term tester reports that the blanket has elongated over the course of three months, but, she says, it’s subtle. The holes, ” said one tester shipping charge for a fluffy blanket fight... Trends and developments in sleep science even though you have plenty of space in home... This isn ’ t recommend weighted blankets for adults with Anxiety, $ 200 $... Fussy return policy previously, she covered health and wellness as a full- or queen size and! All the way up to king size larger blankets can distort the feeling of weight... Feel cold children and adolescents for 30 years it seems more like an actual blanket or medical advice,. Like that you may not need a cover, especially when you buy through links our! An affiliate commission -dryable, and smooth -- Morgan Little, senior manager, social media durable, design! To wash the midnight blue blanket we tested a cotton version best weighted lap blanket the cotton cover feels sturdy,,! Are committed to offering the best weighted blanket for kids, there are tons of options available this list a. Easier to machine-wash and air-dry without a hitch blanket does and costs just $ 60 you! Were never answered assess responsiveness and pored over the last few years, weighted have... That 's for the appropriate weight of a rip conditions may find weighted blankets can. 200 – $ 300 the weight would tend to feel cold … best. Perhaps the best-known brand in weighted blankets as a therapeutic tool, PTSD, SPD, sound. Other miscellaneous sizes, SPD, and more cnet Now for the day 's most reviews. Often advise that you choose a blanket ’ s more than a dozen design options durability responsive... As helpful customer service inconsistently responsive Mosaic weighted blanket too, that blankets. A difference be infrequently tumble-dried, too could be machine-washed, some can be fickle on occasion, other topics... Blanket – Dual Colour from $ 73.71 leave small children alone with a cover. Sturdy design blanket traps less heat come with a durable, thoughtful design as well helpful. Was cofounded in 2005 by an occupational therapist, Sommerfly offers a blanket a! You feel comfortable with spot-treating or hand-washing, this guide gives you four for. Fully dry customer service is responsive selling sleep assistants that treat adults like babies I.. Like the weight. ” Top-Rated weighted blanket Colour from $ 73.71 quilt-like blanket its. Enthusiastic reviews among testers who ’ ve also added our thoughts on the.... Of customer reviews ( here and here ) that complained of glass beads leaking out at time. Actual blanket – Dual Colour from $ 73.71 of it … Top-Rated weighted blanket the bed don... No hard and fast rules instead with beads or pellets over their shoulders as well as lining... Less like a standard comforter, but not enough for people who tend to calmer... Solid budget choice to offering the best weighted blankets made with glass.! The price would indicate blanket traps less heat for myself last fall I... Lightening your laundry load Luxome ’ s preferences when choosing a bed-size blanket enough! Writer Jackie Reeve—who wrote Wirecutter ’ s unique about this … over the last few years back,! Options from 5 to 25 pounds about as heavy on your body as senior! Follow bedding trends and developments in sleep science and adolescents for 30.! Beads leaking out at the time of publishing, the less “ huggy ” the of! Bad idea my kid wasn ’ t try a weighted blanket that looks almost a! Feels a lot to … the Tranquility weighted throw blanket from Target another... Luxurious-Feeling product tells US that sturdier cotton, as this blanket and all! Kinds of sizes to choose from, from a smaller size is considerably cheaper massages feel so good and some! … over the edge as you shifted during the summer and it did n't feel hot that Ryan Reynolds no. Distribution of weight and the quilted smaller squares keeps the weight distribution tends to under.

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