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If the gun is “on the deck,” even if you’re standing on it, it’s not under your control. No more than he will if you own a gun and don’t store, handle, operate, train with, and clean the correct way EVERY time. © 2021 National Rifle Association of America. A person considering appendix carry should be extra certain that they use a quality holster and one that is made specifically for the gun they are carrying. People are sort of oval shaped,... Wedges. It makes all the sense in the world and I never have plans on an ND buttttttttttttttt yikes. A professional trainer can help you learn to protect yourself in a safe and efficient manner, and help you decide which defensive handgun and method of carry is best for you. It was actually quite popular during the days of the American frontier. I echo his concern of somebody messing up under stress and trying to re-holster AIWB. I’ll repeat that for those who speed-read past it the first time: if you mess up while holstering with appendix carry, you will be in serious trouble. How about we be adults and take responsibility for our actions? Reference a comment left by Frank Sharpe on our recent story about the Appendix carrier who suffered a negligent discharge and bled out. Although I’m risking the AIWB still, I applaud everybody here for highlighting the risks and dangers so people can make educated decisions. This is not a condemnation of the striker-fired pistol. Ease of Access. Tell us know how the appendix carry worked out for you, that is if you are still alive to say so. Appendix carry violates one of the primary rules: Don’t point the muzzle of a loaded firearm at anything you don’t want to shoot (destroy) – e.g. The most serious disadvantage of appendix carry occurs when one has a negligent discharge while drawing or reholstering. Of course there are many other manufacturers out there so hit the Internet. That’s why I’ve never re-holstered on-body, even in practice. Frank Sharpe on August 25, 2015 at 8:52 am, Indirect Action on August 25, 2015 at 5:42 pm, Frank Sharpe on August 25, 2015 at 9:06 pm, Indirect Action on August 25, 2015 at 10:25 pm, Frank Sharpe on August 26, 2015 at 6:45 am, Frank Sharpe on August 26, 2015 at 9:12 pm, Frank Sharpe on August 26, 2015 at 7:09 pm, Frank Sharpe on August 26, 2015 at 8:43 pm, Frank Sharpe on August 30, 2015 at 10:10 am. With my practice time already pretty limited, it’s important to focus good reps on skills that translate across CCW and competition. I don’t want to shoot myself at all, and I especially don’t want to clip an artery, so, I chose a holster that can only go on my body when it has been pre-installed on my pistol. Most ND’s are not holster related in any way – range accidents not withstanding. LOL! See Photo Gallery. I found this interesting video, uploaded about 4 years ago on YouTube by user Ballistic Radio.It’s just interesting, and can answer some questions for people who have issues with appendix carry. It takes a lot of attention and technique to avoid that. Using appendix carry on a daily basis would mean spending practice time on another carry position. Should You Get Involved When a Stranger is Attacked? I appendix carry all the time because it's the most comfortable and secure way for me to carry. Just curious, how many documented cases of ND of holstered weapons there Type this in a search and your question will be answered. Appendix Carry Holsters L.A.G. I never said he shouldn’t do it (although I don’t). I’m no fan of appendix carry (sometimes called AIWB – appendix inside the waistband) for one reason: it’s unsafe. I’m no fan of appendix carry (sometimes called AIWB – appendix inside the waistband) for one reason: it’s unsafe. Sure – lots of things can happen, and I can’t predict how anyone’s fight is going to go, nor the aftermath. As 9mm epiphany noted, the stakes of an ND are even higher with appendix carry. Shooting Illustrated writes. So if you have an ND while drawing or reholstering from appendix carry, the consequences are likely to be dire. Appendix is just as safe as any other carry method (As others have said guns don't fire by themselves), except the consequences of an ND when holstering or drawing are huge. My IWB at 4:00 is probably pointed at more major blood vessels than appendix. Appendix carry is my preference for 4" Pro/ commander and under. No different than your loaded pistol sitting on the passenger seat of you car, in a case, pointed at you. If the trigger guard of a pistol is covered, it’s considered cased. AOWB alleviates this if worn at the 2:00 position and is just as fast and concealable IMO. Thankfully, most ND’s don’t rupture a major artery or there would be a lot fewer gun owners out there. Appendix carry. Appendix carry can be a viable concealed-carry technique for today's armed citizen. And thanks for the tip – I will add “place it on the deck” and step on it to my dry fire / blue gun practice sessions! They are a little pricey but they can be an invaluable tool toward saving your life or somebody you love or care about. It does require the utmost level of attention, consideration, and proper training. Alien Gear Holsters' new Appendix Carry (AIWB) holster. If you fuck up you will not be okay. Well, truth be told, most ND’s result in damage to extremities when the person is “just cleaning their gun and it went off.” Right thigh/left arm or hand for the right handed person. I’ve “solved” the problem in my life by employing a VanGuard II holster. I personally don't appendix carry with semi-autos because, in the case of the single-action auto, the safety could fail, leaving the trigger vulnerable. When a gun is carried on the hip, or behind the hip, an ND usually only results in a relatively minor wound to the buttocks or back of the thigh. For this reason, I only use appendix carry with certain handguns, namely revolvers. Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) carry has been a steadily growing trend in the concealed carry world for several years now. Rotate the damn holster to the side. This argument should have been over ages ago. By hand making every holster and custom tailoring them to fit each individual shooter’s unique needs, our concealed custom Kydex holsters are 2 nd to none. With practice, one quickly learns to use the support hand to clear away the covering garment during the draw stroke. The man was a competitive shooter as well. I don’t have an answer, just throwing it out there. Instead, they just shoved their old sixgun into their waistband in front of their hip bone and covered it with their coat. Appendix carry appears to be one of the oldest methods of carrying a handgun that exists. Getting it in and out of that position can under certain circumstances…same with any holster. I agree with Frank Sharpe in general. Tex Grebner. Appendix carry is nothing new although it has become a current topic among those who carry concealed. A former LEO I knew as an acquaintance had the utmost in training. “JC” covered my main objection to the “I always take the holster out, reholster the gun, then reinsert the holster”, which is that you’re not going to do that after you’ve shot someone, when your hands are shaking and you’re trying to get the gun out of sight before the responding officers mistakenly shoot you. It was actually quite popular during the days of the American frontier. [For the record, 9 out of 10 times I’ve got the semi-auto at 3 o’clock … so overall I’m still okay w/ my odds on this, given my consideration and strict focus]. Contrary to what you see in movies and on television, frontiersmen did not wear their cartridge belts and holsters when they came to town. I’m on an appendix carry journey. It gets set on the deck. There are potential problems in life with everything we do – some reach a risk/reward tipping point that results in us choosing not to engage in that activity. Hillbilly Bob March 21, 2015 at 12:42 am # I appreciate the thought about crowd situations, but where I live – if I’ve popped somebody it’s pretty unlikely I’m going to be standing in the middle of a hostile/unpredictable crowd when the cops arrive. I won’t appendix carry for the obvious reasons haa. As we go about the normal tasks that make up our daily schedule, our hands tend to be located closer to the front of our body. Appendix carry is nothing new although it has become a current topic among those who carry concealed. Here are some of the more important factors to consider before stuffing your pistol into a holster in the front of your waistband. That sort of an ND is definitely life threatening. This argument should have been over ages ago. Lately, a debate has been going on among defensive shooters over the value and safety of appendix carry. I said that he should consider some apparently hitherto unconsidered factors. With that said, as an instructor I feel compelled to offer a bit of advice. Paintings of European warriors, New World explorers, pirates and aristocrats often depict one or more flintlock or even wheellock pistols carried inside a belt at the waistband. Search Warrant (Rule 41) Form 11. The person who simply buys a handgun and straps it on is just asking for trouble. But I don’t think he’s being realistic. We know that most range accidents with handguns happen on the re-holster, but my guess is that almost 100% of those are with ball ammunition. Featuring a spring-steel core for durability, an injection molded polymer shell, and adjustable draw retention, this holster is the next generation of appendix carry… your femoral artery, groin, knee, foot, etc. I’ll repeat that for those who speed-read past it the first time: if you mess up while holstering with appendix carry, you will be in serious trouble. For people that are advanced in drawing weapons maybe holstering a... Much Easier To Conceal. This entry was posted on August 25, 2015 at 3:35 pm and is filed under Blog. Hey, if anyone here has a ND into their crotch or femoral artery, please let us know. You can see professional IPSC shooter Jim Zubiena use an appendix holster in his guest appearance in episode 4 of season 1 of Miami Vice, which premiered in 1984. Appendix Inside Waist Band (A-IWB) Kydex Holster. Speaking of concealment, for most shooters with the most common body types you can get away with concealing a far larger pistol, and do so more comfortably, carrying AIWB in a proper holster than you can in other … One statistic that I’ve never seen compiled is the type of ammo most people shoot themselves with when they experience a negligent discharge. I’m not saying any of those accidents are acceptable, I’m just wondering at what point we might be over emphasizing a risk factor…. by Sheriff Jim Wilson - Do this no less than a dozen times or more each day. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Tips and why I do it. Yes, that’s right ease of access. “Man shoots … .” The fact that I disagree with your choices doesn’t mean I’m against your making them. I agree with your statement, “Make your choices . Appendix "A" - Conditions For Sentence to Probation, Deferred or Suspended Sentence (Without Sex Offender Conditions) Form 10. Truth be told, most people who wear an IWB holster anywhere on their waist point the muzzle at a small portion of their hip or ass when they re-holster. I strongly suggest to start out using a ‘Blue safety gun’ because they’re extremely close to weight, balance and detail with the model of the gun you already own. And, in the case of many striker-fired autos (the Glock, S&W M&P and the Springfield XD, to name a few) the safety trigger can very easily be manipulated, either by the trigger finger, the holster or shirt. Detractors point out that if you have a negligent discharge (ND) while carrying your pistol in front of your hip bone, you stand a chance of impacting your genitals or your femoral artery. Never. I carry one gun appendix in this manner. I think the gist of what he’s saying is that it’s better to not have a (probably) fatal or near fatal consequence to a ND, as opposed to the normal risks associated with a ND for those of us who don’t AIWB. Yes – just what the world needs – a gun owner counting on an invisible helper to make sure they don’t mess up. This login is for the website administrators. Train what you carry with. That holster needs to come out. I don't get why folks are so scared/ignorant of appendix carry. With the blue gun replica, or practicing the draw from under various clothing and jacket options … I never get lazy and re-holster in the 1 o’clock position. In the first place, you won’t do it unless you’ve practiced it. And you're not risking a toe or outside leg, you're risking your femoral artery. If it's a full size it's gotta be set up on my 3-4. Worn inside the pants with a belt, recommended for discrete and low profile concealed carry in the appendix position. As with all things concerning personal defense with firearms, the best recipe for safe appendix carry is to get professional training. The flatter your stomach the easier it is to carry appendix. It’s been derided by some as a fad, but it doesn’t look like we can expect appendix carry to go anywhere for a long time. I have. I've taken a shooting from concealment class for LE where most of the guys carried AIWB with no issues. Ever. As far as the adrenalin/excitement factor with the police arriving, set the pistol on the ground, the car hood, or drop it and step on it. Make your choices and go forth boldly. We’re not perfect, nor will we ever be. I have yet to try a full size 1911 in the appendix position but in my opinion it would be uncomfortable. We’ve also changed our doctrine to include: There is NO rush to re-holster – take your time, look if you need to. Constant drawing and … Typically, the “blue guns” are used as a training tool by firearms instructors. Keeping my “muscle memory” pure on this is a safeguard against getting confused under stress. Detractors point out that if you have a negligent discharge (ND) while carrying your pistol in front of your hip bone, you stand a chance of impacting your genitals or your … Pistols without manual safeties have additional risks of ND, simply because something, like a shirt tail, can get in the trigger guard while holstering, and because there is no safety-net for a mistake with trigger discipline. You want look for anything that will develops into a BAD habit. It works especially well when the covering garment is a t-shirt, sweatshirt or buttoned shirt that is worn with the shirttail out. Five Tips for Being Better at Appendix Carry (AIWB) Reverse Cant. The part of the gun that is most likely to print while carrying AIWB is the grip. And the thigh injury is just as potentially deadly as the apex ND, but we just don’t have very good stats on any of that. And a lot of that depends upon what you are carrying and what your level of training is. In my mind a well designed, quality holster mitigates the risk of ND. The best thing is still to reholster the gun, and AIWB makes reholstering, in my opinion, a very dangerous proposition. Then start carrying as you would with a real gun, and in your house at all times continue for at least a couple of weeks. Please use the member login link in the main navigation bar to access the members sections. Bench … If you have a "tactical muffin-top" then the only mitigation for it pushing the barrel into your nerve points is to wear your pants baggy. Absolutely! Good luck and stay safe by practicing safely every time there’s a gun around you. In addition, a handgun carried on the front side of our body is less likely to "print" on our covering garment as we bend, stoop or otherwise move around. Appendix carry. Note: Proper consideration of facts and evidence requires a jury that is alert and attentive.Marathon jury sessions detract from thoughtful deliberations. In the second place, there may be good reasons not to leave a functional firearm out of your control, e.g., a hostile crowd. Darwin will watch over you if you use appendix carry. With your brand new AIWB holster, before you put your gun in the holster put the safety gun in. Holsters & Belts So I've got tier 1 agis for my glock 43 and my glock 19 and with both guns I always have this fear that somehow my body movements or the seatbelts are going to push the kydex just a little too far and cause it to go off. One day at a LE range he had a ND drawing from appendix carry and damn near died from what I heard. On-body re-holstering has only ever been done for holsters at 3 or 4 o’clock. However, some newbie shooters are determined to make the decision to use an AIWB (Appendix inside the waistband) holster and gamble on their fate. It’s obviously not convenient to practice 100 drawstrokes with out on the range, but for daily carry it might actually be “safer” than normal IWB/open top holster carry anywhere else on the waist. Thus, when trouble raises its head, we have less distance to move our hands in order to acquire the defensive handgun. Appendix carry, in and of itself, is no more dangerous than any other carry technique when one is properly trained and armed with a handgun that lends itself to this method. And, with the striker-fired gun, you'd better be sure that nothing comes in contact with that trigger. trex-arms sidecar concealment holster -https://warriorpoetsociety.us/trex-arms/Guns Blog - https://warriorpoetsociety.us/recommended-guns/Appendix Carry: … In addition, they should train and practice enough so that they can be certain that they will keep the trigger finger straight at all times. Worn inside the pants with a belt, recommended for discrete and low profile concealed carry in the appendix position. Has he ever practiced putting the gun “on the deck” after a shooting? Appendix carry violates one of the primary rules: Don’t point the muzzle of a loaded firearm at anything you don’t want to shoot (destroy) – e.g. (Appendix Reversible Carry) IWB holster is designed to be as comfortable as it is versatile. . AIWB carry in tier 1 agis; worried about ND while driving or sitting? However, it’s a small price to pay considering a real possibility of having a very bad. Appendix carry is one of the most amicable positions to a one-handed draw, even from concealment. So far I haven’t had a student not take my advice in their first class with us. He'd even been thru Gunsite when Jeff Cooper was running the show. Last year, we know at least one woman was killed because she chose to carry her gun in her purse. On the other hand, sometimes we make adjustments and solve problems in order to reap the benefits of the activity. Generally, “Rings” seems to be the standard used at firearm schools and instructors. Revolvers, single action or double action, will not easily fire when your finger, or the holster, comes in contact with the trigger. We’re all students – so keep thinking and keep learning! When the cops come after a defensive shooting and I’m under effects of body alarm re-action? Take a chill. Appearance Bond (Rule 46) Form 12. I'm sure it can be done, but you'd really have to work at it and, in the case of the SA revolver, you would have to be reholstering with the hammer cocked – a move that no one in their right mind should consider. Tips and why I do it. Contrary to what you see in movies and on television, frontiersmen did not wear their cartridge belts and holsters when they came to town. I’d suggest that if those shooting themselves in the ass were doing so with expanding hollow points, we might be seeing a higher number of fatalities/severe damage, as expanding and fragmenting bullets will take turns and experience odd penetration patterns when they contact meat and bone. Rotate the damn holster to the side. Man, you are completely wrapped around the axle over this issue. I’d rather have an angel looking over my shoulder…. The simply act of having the pistol holstered in that position does not violate any of the 4 rules. The police are going to disarm you and confiscate your gun anyway. And if that weren’t true, there wouldn’t be all those accidents where people shoot themselves in the ass, leg, or calf working from standard holster positions, e.g. Still coming down on side of convenience and comfort for quick trips when I’m “not carrying a real gun”, but I totally understand and respect your position on this. … Geez. The final reason I changed back to traditional behind the hip IWB carry is that for … That’s really not true. Appendix carry has exploded in the last few years, and many people like to think it’s a new “phenomenon.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. Judging from his reply, he saw my point. It is up to each of us to be properly informed and educated. I deal with that reality by really focusing on reinforcing good trigger discipline and habits. It is only to point out that every handgun design has its own manual of arms. With ambidextrous carry capability, two belt clips and adjustable retention detent, this holster is a must have. The A.R.C. your femoral artery, groin, knee, foot, etc. This will accelerate to becoming acclimated with your holster while you draw and re-holster it. Matt March 20, 2015 at 9:31 pm # So the staying you’re not responsible enough to safely carry a gun? One of the advantages of appendix carry is that it can provide for a very fast pistol presentation, assuming that one has practiced sufficiently.

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